Payment processing fees

What you need to know about SpinTel's processing fees.

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Does SpinTel charge a processing fee?

Yes, in most cases. The processing fee varies according to the individual credit card surcharge.

What processing fees apply?

Visa and Mastercard: 1.0% of the payment amount (excluding GST).
PayPal: 2.6% of the payment amount + 30 cents (including GST).  
American Express and Diners: 3.8% of the payment amount (excluding GST).
Direct Debit bank account: None

Why do SpinTel charge a processing fee?

SpinTel is required to pay a credit card surcharge when it accepts PayPal/credit card payments. As outlined in SpinTel's terms and conditions, this surcharge is passed onto our customers.

How can I avoid incurring the processing fee?

Simply nominate to pay your bill via Direct Debit bank account. 

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