The first time you are billed for a service we will apply a pro-rata charge to align you with the closest billing period.

The pro-rata charge will apply from your connection date to our billing period, and then the full month will be charged in advance. Your next bill will simply be the monthly plan charge.

An example of how this may appear on your bill:

The above example shows a new service connection date of 10/04/2016. The first item covers the part month from 10/04/2016 to 30/04/2016, and the second item is the monthly service charge in advance. Pro-rata is calculated as 20 (days used) / 30 (days in month) x $30 (monthly service charge) = $20.00 (pro-rata service charge).

Payment Process Fees

The table below lists different payment methods and their surcharge, fees are added to your next bill.

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