SpinTel modems are not locked but we do use a specific firmware to automate the connection to our network. If you wish to use a different firmware, click here for the steps.

Setting up new ISP credentials

1. Login to modem Graphic User Interface. Type admin in the username and password field, then click on the Login button.

Note: If the default administrator login does not work, you might have changed the login credentials before or you may have tried to factory-reset the modem.

2. Go to Advanced Setup, WAN Service and click on Edit based on your service type.

ADSL: Copper service.
VDSL: NBN service where the modem is connected to a phone socket.
ETH WAN: NBN service where the modem is connected to an NBN box.

Update firmware version

Note: Updating firmware without fair knowledge on how it works might damage the modem, for safety, you may call Netcomm support or proceed at your own risk.

To update your modem firmware, go to Management then click Update Firmware and follow the provided steps.

For further assistance, you may also contact Netcomm Support and tell them that you want to use the modem with a different firmware version.

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