Loan Modem FAQs

Learn more about SpinTel's loan modem process.

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How our loan modem process works

The loan modem will be used to determine if the existing modem is faulty.

The loan modem is pre-configured and is just 'plug and play'.

The retail cost of the modem and postage fee will be added to your account and will appear on your next bill.

The charges will be reversed in line with these conditions:

  • Within Warranty (12 months): Return the defective modem to SpinTel using Registered Post within 30 days. The charge of the modem + postage will be reversed and if you've been charged, you will see a credit on your next bill.

  • Outside Warranty: You may keep the modem wherein modem + postage fee applies or return modem to SpinTel using Registered Post within 30 days and the modem + postage will be reversed.

Important reminders

• If the loan modem or defective modem (within warranty) is not returned within 30 days, modem and postage charges are non-refundable.
• Returns of either the defective modem or the loan modem must be sent to SpinTel using the below address (can be printed out)

Reply Paid 89304

Level 6

50 York Street


NSW 2000

• 'Resalable condition' means the modem should still be like brand new, unscratched and returned in full including all cables.

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