Change of ownership

How to transfer a service or business to another person/entity.

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Note: A one-off Change of Ownership fee may apply.
ADSL - $59
NBN - $29
Mobile - $29

What to do?

Existing customer?

2. Login using your My Account credentials.

3. Once logged in, select the services to be transferred from the list and click on Submit.

4. You should see a confirmation popup advising of a code generated and sent via email that should be provided to the new owner of the account.

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New customer?

2.  Go to New Customer tab, Enter the Code and Click on Redeem

 3. On the next page enter New customer's details such as contact and billing information.

4.  Next page will confirm the services which are being taken over and shows a standard agreement which must be ticked to proceed. This page will show the applicable charges in submitting change of ownership.

5.  A confirmation will appear of the last step to be taken by the new owner of the service.

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