Whilst using your own sim when traveling abroad can be useful, it can be expensive as well. Before you activate, here are some of our tips to get you connected with your family and friends whilst abroad.

Otherwise, check out the steps on how to activate your roaming and check usage and charges.

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How to activate roaming

1. Visit spintel.net.au

2. Login to My Account by selecting Customers and then My Account.

3. Once logged in, you will be routed to the dashboard. Select the relevant service and click on Manage Service

4. Scroll down to Service Management and click Change service settings

5. Turn ON International Roaming and click on Update Settings to save the changes.

Confirmation will be displayed in My Account once the feature has been successfully activated.

Note: Please read and understand the Terms and Conditions before enabling this feature.

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Checking applicable roaming charges

Roaming usage charges are incurred when international roaming is activated and used outside Australia. All international roaming usage charges, including call, text message and data charges are charged in addition to the normal mobile inclusions, and at a higher rate.

1. Visit spintel.net.au

2. Go to Mobile Plans and click on International then International Roaming Page.  

3. Click on the dropdown button to select roaming charges applicable to each country.

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Checking roaming usage

1. Visit spintel.net.au

2. Login to My Account by selecting Customers and then My Account.

3.  Once logged in, the dashboard displays. Click on Manage Service to expand the details of the selected service

4. Scroll down to Service Usage and filter the date then click Show detailed phone usage


Roaming usage can be delayed up to 48 hours (or more) and you will not receive usage notifications. You should not rely solely on the alert service to monitor your usage. 

You will be billed for international roaming in arrears. There may be instances where it might take several months for roaming usage charges to appear on your bill because SpinTel must first receive and process usage information from third party networks overseas.

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