Checklist before you switch

  • Make sure your mobile number is active
  • You must be the account holder with your existing provider
  • You have access to your mobile number
  • Make sure to check any early termination fee from your current provider

Choose a Mobile plan

Find the best plan that fits your needs, check out our SIM only mobile plans here.

Transferring a Postpaid service

  • We will require your account number from your previous provider to process the transfer
  • To protect our customers from unauthorised transfers, additional identity verification will be required, during sign up, you will receive a once-off verification code via SMS to the mobile you wish to transfer over.

Transferring a Prepaid service

  • Confirm that you're the account holder of the service held with your current mobile provider. The details provided must match with the information you’ve supplied us with i.e. Name and date of birth registered from your previous provider.

How long will it take?

Most transfers will complete 15 minutes to 4 hours, some may take 3 working days to complete, your service from your current SIM will remain active until the transfer is complete.

Once the old SIM stops working, switch your new SpinTel SIM and continue enjoying your service.

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