Updating Personal Details on the Account

An article to guide you updating any personal details on the accounts such as misspelled name, billing address or date of birth.

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Personal details on the account includes the name, date of birth, billing address, payment details and much more. You may update personal details online or by speaking to one of our friendly representatives.

What are the personal details that can be change online?

1. You can update your mobile contact number, email address and billing address online with these simple steps below.

Log in to My Account and select Personal Details from the My Account menu

Click Change to update your details

For example, your current email- enter your new email and click Submit New Email to update.

Note: If there are personal details that require an update and cannot be done via My Account (i.e. misspelled name, change of name), please have a legal document ready such as a valid ID and click on the chat icon below for assistance.

2. You can also add/modify account user (Basic to Authorised or vice versa) and update payment details.

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